Donna Schambach

Bureau, Healing, Revival

Donna Schambach, only daughter of the late global evangelist, R.W. Schambach, has been an educator, lecturer, pastor and evangelist.

Her ministry began in New York City in 1983 and then broadened when she joined her father in 1991 as General Manager, Missions Coordinator and Team Evangelist. She has traveled to over 40 nations of the world to encourage pastors and leaders and plan mass evangelism outreaches.

For over a decade, she also served as day speaker with her father under the historic gospel tent, in the inner cities of the United States. Obeying her divine mandate to disciple, empower and release believers from all nations, Donna ministers on television and radio, in churches, civic auditoriums and open air venues.

She has been the guest of CBN, TBN, DAYSTAR and ENLACE networks, along with many radio stations throughout the world. Donna also currently serves on the Northpoint Bible College Board of Trustees in Haverhill, MA.

Still based out of Tyler, Texas, Donna is the president of Schambach Foundation. Whether in a church setting or on the mission field, Donna is known for bringing a powerful word of the Lord, often prophetic in nature; and, as Donna usually lays hands on the people, the Holy Spirit accompanies the ministry with signs following.

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