Zac Linton

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Zac Linton was raised in a Christian household. His mother was the daughter of a missionary and her life changed when she was filled with the Holy Spirit in college. She was determined that her children would all know God from a young age. His father was a believer but had many strongholds. His anger and inability to show affection and love created distance between father and son, which culminated when Zac ran away from home as a teenager after years of abuse. During that time, Zac was away from God, doing drugs and living a party lifestyle. But God had not forgotten him.

One day, through the faithful prayers of his mother, Zac had a radical encounter with God. He felt God’s presence like warm oil being poured over him and wept until there was a puddle at his feet. God gave him the scripture found in Psalm 23:5, “Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.” The father wounds he had experienced could only be healed by God, and he needed Jesus to set him free from all the pain, bitterness and anger he had inside. It was destroying him

For a number of years following, Zac walked passionately with God but backslid toward the end of High School. He slowly drifted away and felt like he didn’t have the capacity to live the righteous life Jesus commands. The last thing he wanted to be was a hypocrite. So he went back into the world.

In 2001, everything changed when Zac was involved in a car accident. Hitting the center divider at 75 mph should have been fatal, but Zac and his friend walked away unscathed. This began a three-month wrestle with God. Could Zac really live for him? Would he fail him again? During this time, the Holy Spirit revealed John 15:5 to Zac: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit. For apart from me, you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Zac realized that his job was to abide and Jesus’ job was to see that he bore fruit. Religion teaches men to bear fruit (try to be righteous on your own) in order to abide (be worthy of an intimate relationship with God), but the cross has wiped away our sins so that we can come into the presence of a holy God and, in doing so, reflect Jesus. Zac discovered that most burnout in ministry and life is a failure to live from the overflow of abiding in Christ. He must always be our first love.

Since 2001, Zac has served many types of churches. He spent five years at a Vineyard church. He spent another five years as an outreach pastor at a non-denominational church in San Francisco. He spent two years in Redding, CA at Bethel Church, attending their School of Supernatural Ministry. In 2013, God called Zac to start Overflow Ministries at the University of California, Berkeley. Four years on the campus and over a hundred open air sermons on Sproul Plaza, water baptisms, demonic encounters and salvations is just a brief overview of all he accomplished there through the anointing of God.

Zac’s heart is for the lost and for the kingdom of God to shake the nations with power. He is charismatic. He has seen demons cast out, blind eyes open, and the lame walk by the power of the Holy Spirit. Zac believes Heaven and Hell are for real and Jesus has commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations. With this mindset, Zac has had the privilege to speak not only throughout the USA but in the nations of India, Nicaragua, Kenya, Senegal and Taiwan. His life’s mission is to win one million souls to Christ and to equip the Body of Christ to understand and preach the gospel fully. Overflow Ministries exists for this purpose, to transform the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through reaching college campuses, equipping the church, holding crusades, using creative arts, and developing teaching resources.

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Zac Linton is a bold, dynamic evangelist who has been ministering in the Bay Area of California and internationally for many years. He is prophetically gifted and a gifted preacher. HIs love for and commitment to the Word of God is evident in the character of his life and the content of his ministry. He operates in love, charity, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through crusades, street ministry, and equipping the saints, Zac has a heart to reach the lost and empower the body of Christ to reach the world around them.”

Rand Tucker,
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park Vineyard Church
Chicago, IL


“I have known Zac Linton for 13 years since 2007. Zac is passionate about missions and evangelism. We traveled together to India for a mission in 2012. We also had Zac visit our church when he visited Kenya in early 2017. He had been invited by another ministry to do a crusade in one of the low-income areas of our city. That mission was a great success. He is also good at discipling mentoring younger men.

Zac’s passion for God can also be seen in his preaching. I recommend him to your church and your ministry. He’ll be a great blessing.”

Andrew Mutana
Senior Pastor, Impact Church
Team Leader, Global Impact Ministries
Nairobi, Kenya


“I met Zac in 2015. Zac spoke multiple times at our church and always brought the message of God to our congregation. His passion for the lost has always been a part of his ministry and he has taught us the importance of reaching out to the lost. This has been shown in various outreach events in the community.

He presents himself as a genuine, heartwarming individual and comes with an approachable spirit.

Over the years I have witnessed first-hand, Zac’s compassion for God’s children. He has always been open to new ways of teaching and learning. I think any organization would benefit from Zac’s ability and what he has to offer the kingdom of God.”

Pastor Chris Vinculado
Senior Pastor, Good News Fellowship
Daly City, CA


“Zac Linton is a man after God’s heart. When I met him for the first time – it was an online/zoom call and still I felt the passion and compassion for the lost.

He has no other agenda, no other desires, but to make sure the last one has heard and understood that Jesus saves! If you are looking for a passionate preacher, I can surely recommend him.”

Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski, Evangelist & Author
President, Calling Ministry
C.E.O. 1GDA – One God, One Day, One Africa –