Tim Ost

Bureau, Missions

Born to missionaries and impassioned with the desire to see the nation of Mexico and the world canvased with local churches, Rev. Timothy Ost has facilitated the birth of over 250 church plants with over 50,000 active members and 2,000 home cell groups in Mexico alone!

Rev. Ost’s pioneer spirit, along with the help and support of his wife Naomi, has fueled him to begin works for the kingdom in northern Mexico, in Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi, and on the Guatemalan border. An active missionary like his father, he serves as a member and director of the Missionary Revival Crusade.

Rev. Ost regularly organizes large-scale crusades to his homeland, and has hosted such ministries as Benny Hinn, James Robinson, R.W. Schambach and David Yonggui Cho. And through this networking with great men and women of God, Rev. Ost has both stirred faith in his country and has encouraged other nations to dream, to reach for God and bring His presence into their communities and affect change.

Today, Rev. Ost serves as Senior Pastor of two of the largest churches in the Faith, Hope and Love Center organization in Mexico City, and he is the main overseer of churches and cell groups in Mexico and in various other countries through the organization’s international branch.

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