Rolando Lamb

Bureau, Leadership, Men, Outreach, Youth

Deeply moved by the lack of moral character demonstrated by coaches and athletes witnessed throughout his career, Coach Rolando Lamb has developed personal training sessions, group clinics and camps that focus on cultivating a winning attitude, mental toughness and mastering the fundamentals. He offers a unique combined approach of personal motivation and positive discipline to encourage athletes to reach full potential. He shares with athletes that moral character is key to being a champion both on and off the court.

Quick Stats:
• NBA Draft Pick 1985
• VCU Hall of Fame
• Graduated from VCU
• NCAA Life Skills Presenter
• High School All-American
• Directing Camps for 20 Years
• Mentor Athletes to get D-1 Scholarships
• Speaker, Author, Personal Success Coach
• Developed the A-Game Training System
• Pastor Under Bishop Wellington Boone

A Personal Message From Coach Lamb

I started playing basketball at the age of six.  I was an All-American Basketball Player.  I trained two to four hours everyday, six to seven days a week.  My dream was to be an NBA player.

I got a basketball scholarship to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. From 1981-1985 we won over 90 games, went to the NCAA tournament three years in a row and earned the rank of #11 in the country during my senior year. I was drafted into the NBA in the third round. I competed professionally in the CBA for two years and then ended my career.

I would often ask myself why I failed to make the NBA. I had the talent. I worked hard. So what was it?

I fell short of my potential: I lacked a winning attitude.

Failing to make the NBA was one of the greatest disappointments of my life. I went into a state of depression.It affected my attitude greatly, throwing me off track for years. When I decided to be brutally honest with myself, I realized that I did not make NBA because I played not to get cut versus playing to make the team. I had the wrong attitude. There was no Character Coach to teach me this at that time. If there was, I believe it would have made a difference.

That’s when I decided to become an expert in character development and personal growth. Helping athletes, coaches, and others develop character and a winning attitude, helping them find their true identity, value and purpose so that they can reach their full potential this became my mission. It took years of research, interviews and observations, but I started to understand what it takes to become a world class performer and top level achiever.

The fundamentals I used to become a world-class athlete are the same principles people need to win in life.

I began teaching these Life Winning Principles and helping others achieve Life Winning Results, including my son who was a 1st round pick in the 2012 NBA draft.

It all starts with a winning attitude.

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“Coach Lamb has been an integral part of our success over the years. He brings a unique and challenging perspective to our program. Time spent with Coach Lamb goes a long way toward making champions, and we here at Norcross High School are blessed to be associated with him.”

Jesse McMillian
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Norcross High School

“Rolando Lamb delivers a special life skills program that can inspire and change young athletes’ lives. I’ve seen it happen!”

Tubby Smith
Legendary Coach

“‘True Character is the key to being a true champion.’ Program participants are taught how to develop their own personal coaching system or game plan and how to become true champions in the game of life.”

Wellington Boone
Bishop/Author, Wellington Boone Ministries