Robb Thompson

Bureau, Leadership, Marriage, Men

Author of more than eighteen compelling books, magazine articles, and countless audio and video resources, Dr. Robb Thompson is an exceptionally skilled relational and leadership strategist. With over twenty years of experience in the arena of human resource management, he travels the globe, training business executives and mentoring government leaders, including Heads of State, cabinet ministers and royalty.

He is the Founder of Excellence In Ministry International, a global ministerial association of sensible leaders dedicated to foundational church growth, ministerial ethics and personal excellence, and Senior Pastor of Family Harvest Church, noted as one of America’s most productive churches.

In addition to his work globally, Dr. Thompson is dedicated to raising and training entrepreneurs to fund the gospel through the local church and to equipping tomorrow’s Christian leaders.

The ministry of Dr. Robb Thompson is one you will see fruit from for ages to come. To extend an invitation to minister, contact us today!

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