Pamela Hillman

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Pamela Hillman is the founder and president of LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries. Sexually abused by three different men from the age of five, Pamela found herself addicted to drugs and progressing deeper into dysfunctional behaviors. Eventually, she landed in prison with an 18-month sentence. While she was there, she discovered that 1 in 3 women inmates had been sexually assaulted, as she was. With a relentless desire to change and know Jesus, she began to search herself with the goal of discovering what brokenness inside her kept leading addictive lifestyles.

Pamela’s introspection led her to the realization that she had to change her old mindset and face some of her core issues and traumas deeply rooted in her soul. Through memorization of the Word of God and allowing herself to be led by the Holy Spirit, her healing process began.

Today, through Life Changers Legacy, Pamela seeks to help communities thrive as biblically transformed individuals from prison, and their families, actively live their lives with purpose, on purpose, and for God’s purposes. She and her team have been reducing recidivism since 2012.  Statistically, 83% of those who were incarcerated return to prison within 3 years of being released. 

In 2017, Pamela expanded her incentive mentorship program, I See ME Free, by offering a four-phase incentivized workbook and volunteer mentor to incarcerated women who agree to participating in the program.

As of 2021, the I See ME Free program had 664 students and 40 volunteer mentors. 48 students were released from prison the same year, and 80 students had completed their workbooks. Future goals including receiving over 1,000 students into the program, adding 50 more volunteer mentors, and establishing a transition house for recently released inmates who have completed the program.

In addition to her efforts to reduce recidivism, prevent homelessness and provide a successful and restorative reentry process for the previously incarcerated here in the United States, Pamela also invests in communities across Africa by making her program available to individuals in need. In Uganda, 700 men and 300 women have completed Phases 1 and 2 of the I See ME Free workbooks. In Kenya, 350 men and 40 women are enrolled in the program. And in Tanzania, 100 men and 40 women are enrolled.

Pamela is a certified Christian Counselor, Chaplain, and Empowerment Coach. She has received a variety of awards and recognition for her efforts to reduce recidivism. And she has been endorsed by reputable leaders such as Mike Lindell.

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