Nathan Pimentel

Bureau, Men, Revival

For the past ten years, Nathan Pimentel has passionately proclaimed the message of the cross and that Jesus still saves, delivers and heals. Nathan has served on the pastoral staff in a church in the greater Boston area as the staff Evangelist and now currently resides in Bangor, Maine, with his family, traveling the United States and Canada.

His heart is for every man, woman, boy and girl to be given the opportunity to experience the life changing power of God, just as he did at the age of 17. He has an evangelist’s heart and always gives opportunity for people to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. As a result, Nathan has seen hundreds respond to his invitation of salvation.

Nathan believes and has witnessed that when the Word of God is preached, signs and wonders follow. Many testimonies have come in that while the message was being brought forth, people were receiving their healing. He has seen countless people healed by the power of God. People who were afflicted with cancer, deafness and various diseases have been completely restored! Even one young man who was in a coma saw a miraculous transformation: The doctor stated he “would not make it to tomorrow.” Nathan went into the hospital room, laid hands and prayed for him. Within one week, the young man was sitting up in bed, off life support, and is alive today proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Along with speaking in various churches, Nathan has rented out auditoriums (2-3 day events) for special services that are geared strictly towards winning the lost and building the faith of the believer to become who God has called him or her to be. “My goal and mission is the build and army of believers that will usher in the last great move of God and harvest of souls before Jesus returns!”

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“Nathan is a great preacher with a desire for revival. Healings and supernatural signs and wonders follow Nathan’s ministry. But above all he has a pure heart and a love for God and people. You will sense something very real from this young man’s life and ministry.”
– Evangelist Mark Dunfee

“As pastor, I am very sparing in who is brought into our church to minister. Much like you, I want someone who will be a blessing to our church family. God is blessing Nate’s ministry, which in turn will be a blessing to yours. Nate preaches with anointing and zeal – a combination that affects the body, soul and spirit of the listener. Salvation, healing and deliverance follow when the anointed gospel is preached through this evangelist.”
– Pastor Matthew Ward

“I have been an Evangelist, Pastor and Church Pioneer for 36 years, and at 57 years of age, I am excited to help mentor and support young men of God such as Nathan. Nathan Pimentel has my highest regard and recommendation to any Pastor and Church desiring a genuine move of God’s Spirit.”
– Pastor Tim Shuttlesworth