Michele Pillar

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Singer, author, actor, 3-time Grammy nominee and now speaker, Michele Pillar has a testimony that everyone should hear! In part to escape from the effects of her parents’ alcohol abuse, Michele (as a young child) found refuge in music, listening to Top 40, The Beatles, Motown and even Broadway Musicals – anything that told a story in song and could carry her somewhere far away.

But Michele didn’t just listen. Her talent was evident early on. She began performing at 16 in nightclubs, though it required her to lie about her age. She found it to be a way of escape, a way to move out. A friend, Alf Clausen, cast her in a rock opera he wrote when she was 17. Later, Alf hired her again to play the voice of Karen Carpenter on the TV show, The Simpsons.

While in college, Michele began recording. She sang on TV commercials for easily-recognized companies and helped define the direction of Christian popular music. She received three Grammy nominations and was on the road 200 days each year as a solo artist. Today, Michele’s strong name recognition from her CCM accomplishments and radio hits in the 80’s and 90’s now pave the way for sold out speaking engagements and Women’s Conferences nationwide. Her honestly, humor and music on stage break through the fear of “getting real” in areas people may not know how to access. Those listening feel drawn to her story, relating on a variety of levels. Michele says, “We are all damaged in some way. As a child, God met me under the bed where I hid to escape the madness of my home-life, and now He meets me on stage as I hang up my former beliefs on “The Clothesline” for all to see. I think my stories usher in courage for attendees to face their stories.” Meetings end with many receiving inner healing of past wounds and finding new freedom in Christ.

Michele concluded, “I’m thankful for the years I worked with The Billy Graham Assoc. and other amazing ministries but nothing has brought me the fulfillment Untangled and the live, “Clothesline” conferences have. I love being older and unafraid. God IS faithful and my desire is not to sensationalize with my stories, but to bring relief and practical tools toward God’s healing power to all who attend. It would be an honor to speak and sing at your event!”

Allison Allen from Women of Faith shares, “Michele’s vulnerability leads by example like no speaker I’ve ever seen.” Invite her today to speak at your next Women’s Conference, Charity Event or Special Service. Contact us for available dates and details.

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“She’s untangled! Without it, she NEVER could have written this book. If you feel tangled up in anything, read and find freedom! Grace Chapel will be using her book and The Untangling, the companion book in our home study, Cheers Groups.” – Pastor Steve Berger, Grace Chapel, Leiper’s Fork, TN

“If you have deep wounds of the heart long buried, or know someone who does, Michele’s book, ‘Untangled’ is for you.” – Ruth Graham, Author

“With startling clarity and heart-jolting honesty, Michele’s story is a stunning window of hope.” – Patsy Clairmont, Author, Women of Faith Speaker

“Michele was once a pioneer of CCM. She’s now a pioneer of fast-paced, steel-cut honesty.” – Brandy Blanton, Owner, Publisher, Southern Exposure Magazine