Matt Nichols

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Pastor Matt Nichols is the Senior Pastor of Soul Harvest Church in Cloverdale, IN, a world-class church with members passionate about helping their community and evangelizing the nations.

For eight years, Pastor Matt and his wife Andrea served a large church in Warsaw, IN, as the Associate and Youth Pastors. During this time, they were involved in many mission trips to places such as Jamaica, Mexico and France. After several years of ministry in Warsaw, they felt the call of God to move to central Indiana to pioneer a church from scratch. They moved to the Indianapolis area and began. Having no people, building or financial support, they had to rely on faith in God! It took almost three years before the church had the support of regular members. Now, the church has become a staple of west-central Indiana!

Pastor Matt is passionate about sharing the gospel at home and abroad. He travels regularly, taking part in short-term international mission trips, speaking at other churches across America, and helping people everywhere who seek wisdom and direction.

Bring Pastor Matt Nichols in for your upcoming special service, revival, miracle meeting, community outreach, or conference event. His wisdom and charisma will be sure to ignite the hearts of men and women in attendance.

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