Mark Dunfee

Bureau, Healing, Men

Mentor to pastors of growing churches across several states, Pastor Mark Dunfee has resumed active travel throughout America and Canada to build relationships, evangelize and stir revival.

For the last 13 years, Pastor Mark led a vibrant, international church called The Gathering Place just across from New York City, planting a satellite church in a neighboring burrow and founding a homeless ministry called Jericho Road. Before that, he spent nearly the same amount of time pastoring in Maine and traveling as an evangelist throughout North America.

In addition to his travels, Pastor Mark now serves as a board member of Hope 4 All Ministry, a charity raising millions of dollars to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and reach the youth in some of the poorest corners of the nation. Pastor Mark notes, “When you love people no one else loves, God will give you favor with those everyone would like to be in connection with.”

Pastor Mark and his wife Debbie have never felt more blessed or more fulfilled than they do in this stage of their ministry. Their borders have expanded, allowing them to reach many places worldwide. Super-natural revival is breaking out at each location they visit, and the Holy Spirit is showing up strong. Lives are changed as a divine release of the anointing takes place during their meetings. This solid ministry is one you will be glad you didn’t miss out on! Contact us today to learn how you can bring Pastor Mark to your church.

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“Mark is a well-balanced minister who is doctrinally sound and led of the Holy Spirit. He is humble before the Lord and has a burning desire to not only bless churches but Pastors as well.”
– Harold D. Maxey, Senior Pastor, Evangel Temple, Maplewood, MO