Mark Casto

Bureau, Men, Outreach, Revival, Youth

Throughout his years of ministry, Mark has become a voice of awakening that challenges the hungry, convicts the lukewarm, and draws the unsaved. His ministry is marked with a call to proclaim the truth of God’s Word in order to expose the lies of this world. In a day where the power of God is neglected as the means of true spiritual transformation, Mark is actively calling the church to believe Scripture and actively walk in its authority as sons and daughters of God.

Mark Casto Ministries was birthed with the commission to “rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11 NIV). Lives, dreams and hopes have been aborted and destroyed, resulting in countless casualties because of the lack of one thing: the truth of the gospel. Through his travels across the US and other nations of the world, Mark is proclaiming this message of faith, healing and power. He has led thousands of individuals into the consecrated, intimate, lifestyle of the end-time army as a result. Meetings regularly display the fruit of salvations, healings and deliverances.

Mark is recognized as Lead Pastor and Founder of “The Extreme” with OCI ministries in Cleveland, TN. Under the covering of Perry and Pam Stone, Mark is being used to gather a remnant of revivalists and reformers so that they can be equipped to be witnesses in all the earth. He is commissioning world-changers with the desire to reap a harvest unlike anything the world has ever seen!

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“Mark Casto is one of God’s prophetic voices to today’s generation. what he is seeing and what he is hearing, comes direct from the heart of the Father. Mark has ministered at Dwelling Place Church International, many times, and his prophetic gift has always been accurate. What a blessing!”
– Pastors Jamie & Judy Jacobs Tuttle Dwelling Place Church International