Our Services

Our Services

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns

    Targeted Ad Campaigns

    Are you tired of wasting your ad dollars? SMG has a game changer! We can pinpoint your audience through 4,000 different criteria to ensure the right eyes are seeing your...

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    Our proprietary live stream platform allows you to easily host webinars, share sermons, and include your full audience in every event. You’ll be able to simultaneously with ease...

  • Print & Electronic Direct Mail

    Print & Electronic Direct Mail

    Direct mail is a useful tool when it is crafted correctly. It becomes costly when it’s not. With SMG, your mailings will stand out from the rest with eye-catching designs,...

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Web Design The experience your visitors have on your website will determine the effectiveness of your online ministry and ministry goals. Your church may or may not see more...

  • Speaker Management

    Speaker Management

    Whether you are a local pastor, a nationally known minister, or an international evangelist, we would love to assist you with opening new doors of opportunity. Our Speaker...

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media has changed the way the world communicates. The largest audience, the greatest potential, lies in this online community. To stay in real-time contact with your...

  • Media Buys

    Media Buys

    Drawing on more than two decades of media relationships, SMG can assist you in getting your program before millions on cable, satellite and digital television and radio. Our reach...

  • LEAD Magazine Advertisement

    LEAD Magazine Advertisement

    LEAD Magazine is a bi-monthly, digital Christian leader magazine. A free resource, LEAD shares wisdom and creative ideas from some of the most respected members of the Christian...

  • Donor Development

    Donor Development

    Donors are the lifeline of any organization. But many organizations struggle to develop donors and keep donors giving. Through our Donor Development services, we will consult your...

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