Live Streaming

There is nothing worse than spending all your time, money and resources in the planning and execution of your LIVE event… and then having no idea how effective it was. Did you reach 5 people or 5 million? With Smith Media Group’s live streaming service we will give you access to LIVE statistics of how many people are streaming your service, the states or countries of origin, and what device is being used and for how long.

Think about the potential: You can now identify areas in which to host partner events or advertise new resources and upcoming conferences and events. Your ministry will grow as you utilize our detailed, statistical information about your viewers.

Beyond statistics, our live streaming service takes the pain out of archiving with our Automatic Archiving feature. Our Automatic Archiving feature captures, encodes and adds your video to wherever your player is embedded within just minutes of the conclusion of your live event. Imagine never having to worry – or even think about – archiving your video and audio ever again!

With prices starting out at just $45 per month we have packages to fit your needs and if you already have a streaming provider we will beat their prices by 20%. Visit for a complete package list.

If you would like more information about this service contact us today or view our media kit.