Kyle Winkler

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Kyle Winkler is a leading voice for a generation not satisfied with casual or powerless faith. He is the founder of Kyle Winkler Ministries, a media and teaching ministry through which thousands have been impacted worldwide by his television and Internet broadcasts, resources and live speaking engagements.

Kyle has been featured internationally in media such as Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, LeSEA’s The Harvest Show, TBN, CBN, CornerStone and the Christian Television Network. His widely popular mobile app, Shut Up, Devil!, has attracted more than 30,0000 downloads and countless testimonies of impacted lives. Kyle’s latest book, Silence Satan, draws from his extensive experience with spiritual warfare and reveals the single key to shutting down the enemy’s attacks, threats, lies and accusations.

Individuals of all ages relate to Kyle’s passionate, practical messages known for boasting about how daily encounters with God through the Word and worship are paramount to living an overcomer’s life.

Kyle Winkler could summarize his life as one radically changed and incredibly blessed by God. In his early years, he suffered from debilitating shyness. In fact, he was so insecure that his elementary teachers forced him into special programs. This timidity hindered him from making friends and excelling at activities popular among his peers. Much of Kyle’s early life is scarred with the sharp rejection and loneliness of being misunderstood by most around him.

At age sixteen, Kyle experienced God and came to know Jesus Christ as he never had before. An intimate faith, however, was seen as a threat to his close family and the denomination of which he was raised. The consequence was years of painful rejection from those whom he believed would support him the most.

The trials and difficulties of his newfound faith only further impassioned him. Instead of giving up, Kyle found tools through worship and Bible study to withstand opposition and grow in spiritual maturity.

Radically changed by God, Kyle is no longer the timid person he was before. He speaks of frequent temptations by memories of past hurts and rejection, and about how daily experiences with God through Word and worship are paramount to living an overcomer’s life. Kyle shares openly of his experiences with God that help him overcome his past, see his true identity in Christ and be a bold and confident man.

Kyle holds a Master of Divinity in biblical studies from Regent University. He resides in Pensacola, FL.

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“Kyle is a man with a profound passion to see people transformed by God’s power.”
– Buford Lipscomb, President, Liberty Network International

“Get ready to experience the power of living louder than Satan’s voice and stronger than his lies! Kyle speaks from the heart of a man who has experienced the amazing love of God and His redemptive power!”
– Pat Schatzline, Author of Why Is God So Mad At Me and I Am Remnant

“Through the candid sharing of his own experiences and an extensive study in God’s Word, Kyle leads a journey to the foot of the cross where people are reminded of their identity and standing in Christ.”
– Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Palm Beach Gardens, FL