Kim Wear

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Prophetic Evangelist Kim Wear is passionate to reveal Christ to the lost. Her mission is to see lives saved for eternity and believers awakened to the need to keep their lamps filled with oil in anticipation of the return of the Bridegroom.

Saved at the age of six and baptized in the Holy Spirit at ten, Kim knew she was called to ministry from childhood. As she grew, she found herself more inclined to spend time in prayer and Bible study over social endeavors. Jesus became the love of her life and commissioned her to bring healing to the hurting. She senses the urgency to reach people before it’s too late and speaks with a supernatural boldness to men’s souls.

It does not matter who you are or where you’ve been, Kim will inspire you to set your faith and affections upon Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God is her priority, and her desire is to follow the Lord fully, allowing Him to direct each meeting.

Consider inviting Kim to speak to your church or community. She has looked abuse in the face. She has walked through grief after the death of her husband. She has seen the devastation that drugs and addiction wreak up close. She has touched sickness and disease. She has overcome oppression and depression. She has a word for today.

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