Joni Stevenson

Bureau, Outreach

Prophet and Pastor, Joni Stevenson is known for her ability to ignite a congregation into the power of God with demonstration of the Spirit in every meeting. Words of knowledge and gifts of healing have come to be expected, as her prophetic ministry to individuals is precise and life-changing. Miracles and healings also take place as faith rises to new levels among those in attendance.

Pastor Joni teaches with a solid, rightly-divided New Testament doctrine. Her preaching is right on and always scriptural. She’s been called a “kingdom shaker” and a “fiery delight” that will leave a church burning with love for God.

From the first moment of Pastor Joni’s meetings, people are tuned in and expecting. Hosting churches regularly remark that they were left in awe of God and in love with Jesus, saying, “What just happened here?” The same can take place at your church! Contact us today for details on how you can host this powerful speaker at your service or conference.

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“Joni’s ministry is based on the bedrock of faith, and she teaches from a wide knowledge of Scripture and its practical application in every day life. A strong prophetic ministry, she moves in the gifts of the Spirit with enjoyable yet powerful life-changing accuracy.”
– Rev. Lora Allison, President, Celebration Ministries, La Porte, TX

“Pastor Joni is a strong woman of God. She is grounded in God’s Word and ministers with a powerful anointing. When she speaks, angels listen, demons tremble, and lives are changed!”
– Rev. Daniel King, Evangelist

“Pastor Joni’s blended gifting of prophetic voice, word of knowledge and solid preaching, coupled with the demonstration of the Spirit, creates an excitement and anticipation that consistently brings some of our largest attendance with every visit.”
– Pastor Kyle Wiliiams, The Worship Center, Groves, TX

“Joni was our Guest Speaker for our Katy Aglow women’s meeting and we were so blessed by her! The giftings of the Holy Spirit that flow through her were awesome and lifechanging for our ladies! Thank you Joni, for coming to be with us! You have a heart like Jesus!”
– Jan Bush, President of Katy Aglow