Eric LeMarque

Bureau, Leadership, Men, Outreach, Youth

Eric LeMarque is an international best-selling author of two books and inspirational speaker sharing his message of hope throughout the world. This former professional, Olympic, world-champion ice hockey player is additionally, one of the most famous, unrelenting and compelling survivors in history.

Eric has appeared on hundreds of national news and network programs and has been quoted in thousands of publications worldwide.

Eric’s resounding triumph and full-circle story is touching the lives of so many. You will love his humor, his genuine character and his sincerity as he sets the audience at ease. He is fast becoming a favorite standing-ovation speaker for nationwide events.

On February 6th, 2004, Eric, an expert snowboarder, set off for the top of 12,000-foot Mammoth Mountain in California’s vast Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Wearing only a long sleeve shirt, a thin wool hat, the shells of his snowboarding pants and a light-weight jacket–with only four pieces of gum for food–he soon found himself chest-high in snow, plunging into the wilderness. By nightfall he knew he was in a fight for his life. Surviving eight-days in sub-freezing temperatures, he would earn the name, ‘The Miracle Man’ by stunned National Guard Black Hawk Chopper rescuers.

His survival is that of adversity, change, hope, ingenuity, perseverance, spiritual restoration and ultimate triumph.

Eric is available for your schools, company meetings, celebrity events, organizational events, conventions, team building, youth and professional sports teams, churches, groups and clubs globally.

Eric resides with his wife, Hope and their two children Nicholas and Zachariah in Southern California.

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“We hired Eric back in 2005 after his ordeal. Even though he was new to speaking he did a great job of getting us all to think and gave us a couple of amazing take always. I plan to hire him again now that he is seasoned and has come through so much. We have stayed in touch and I enjoy his character and presence.”
-Dave Gheeshling, The Floor Expo CEO

“Eric delivered and spoke after a major tragedy to our athletic program where we lost a swimmer. During his visit I heard him speak twice and both were incredible.”
-Forrest Carr, NMU Athletic Director

“Only Eric LeMarque could arrive with such a hop in his step and in his message. He was purely fantastic.”
– Walt Kyle, NCAA Athletic Director

“Eric LeMarque is as solid as it gets. He came in and inspired our team so much guys are still talking about him years later.”
– Jim Hiller, The New York Islanders – NHL Head Assistant Coach

“We had 85% (about 1,200 people attended) of our conference in attendance for Eric. During the conference, I kept hearing about Eric’s presentation from so many. What I heard most was, ‘If you missed him speak – you missed the conference. Way to hit it out of the park Eric”
– Shannel Dunn, Utah State Director of Safety

“One story that stands out for me is a guy called Eric LeMarque, a former ice hockey player whose life had spiraled out of control. He got trapped snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada and spent eight days in the frozen wilderness. He was super ingenious to get found, though it cost him both his feet because of frostbite. He had a real life-turning moment when he ditched his crystal meth so he could use the bag to carry water. He realized it was the crystal meth that had got him into that mess. That was a turning point for him. It gave him the determination to pick up his life, get out of there and start again.”
– Bear Grylls, Survivalist