Dr. Samuel Kojoglanian

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The uniqueness of the ministry is in the bold, practical and uncompromising teachings of its founder, Dr. Samuel Kojoglanian, an interventional cardiologist who is called and anointed to evangelize. The Word of God is taught from the ABC’s (salvation and wholeness) to the A to Z’s (discipleship), bringing healing to the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Known as Dr. Sam, Dr. K, and the Mender of Hearts, he has the distinction of being a five-year honoree of the Patients’ Choice Award and Most Compassionate Award, a recognition granted only to 1% of the 900,000 active physicians in America. He has also been awarded Top 1% of professionals in his line of work in America, bestowed to physicians who are constantly given top ratings. In 2019, Dr. Sam was named the “Ultimate Cardiologist” and was recognized by the state assembly of California.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Dr. Sam earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology, Masters in Anatomy, and his Medical Doctor Degree, inspiring patients to live healthier and fulfilled lives.

Dr. Sam is called to embark on a greater mission: the healing of souls by God’s grace. Philip ran to speak to the Ethiopian official, to preach, to teach, to evangelize and to baptize (Acts 8:26-40); Dr. Sam has been called to run, carrying and delivering the Good News of Christ with clarity, authority, compassion and boldness.

As a Cardio-Evangelist, he leads the MINISTRY OF WHOLENESS (Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit)…Healing hearts, Mending souls, and Rocking the planet by God’s love, in the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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