Darrell McManus

Bureau, Healing, Revival

With a ministry spanning over forty years Darrell is a prolific bible teacher with a powerful healing anointing. He has seen many saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered, along with creative miracles and the dead being raised. He has a rich ministry heritage, whose deep roots of revival date back four generations to the turn of the nineteenth century in the United States of America. His early ancestors moved in mighty miracles of healing, and were early pioneers of the move of God in this nation. Darrell grew up in revival, seeing teeth filled miraculously, and supernatural weight loss, along with many other miracles, salvations and Holy Spirit infillings. As a result, He began to shut himself in with the Lord at an early age.

Serving in many aspects of ministry Darrell was led into obscurity and hid out with the Lord for fourteen years much like the Apostle Paul. One of the things the Lord asked him to do was to listen to the word of God through an mp3 player many hours a day and throughout the night for a number of years. In a time of intense prayer and fasting God appeared to him and imparted revelation about His Throne. Before writing his latest book, “What You Didn’t Know About God’s Throne” the Holy Spirit led Darrell into an intense time of prayer and fasting; he began praying in the Spirit at least six hours a day, but on average eight or more hours a day. This extended period of praying in the Spirit caused mighty revivals to begin to break out.

Darrell is founder of Darrell McManus Ministries in the United States and for the last eight years has overseen 684 churches and built and established a large orphanage in India. He has also ministered in South Africa, Honduras, and China, and recently The Lord has given him oversight of a ministry and orphanage in the Philippines. He’s had the joy of being a pastor for more than twenty six years. Darrell is now traveling full time and is in demand as a conference speaker and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. He conducts School of Ministry classes in various venues, where many are trained to flow in God’s supernatural power. Darrell’s passion is to see believers discover and operate in their God given assignments. God gave Darrell a mandate to help bring an Awakening to this nation and the world.

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“Darrell McManus ministers from a rich heritage of life changing faith. He was reared in Pentecost and has great appreciation for and ability to minister in the Holy Spirit’s power. He loves the local church and lives with a true servant’s heart.”
– Jim Graff, Senior Pastor of Faith Family Church and Founder of the Significant Church Network

“Integrity along with giftings and commitment to honor Jesus are attributes of my brother in Christ, Darrell McManus. What began as a single Sunday morning service broke out into forty services filled with the moving of The Holy Spirit. Darrell researches the Word and presents it as only a five-fold teacher can. He is a man of intense prayer. We have witnessed the results. ”
– Pastor Ross Cunningham, The Master’s Gateway Ministry

“As a retired educator, I appreciate Darrell’s unique ability to delve deeply into the meaning of scripture. I have served under many nationally known and mighty men of God and Darrell’s teaching ministry is unparalleled. Darrell also moves in all facets of the 5 fold ministry. In any service that Darrell leads, he is a powerful, anointed worship leader, and the presence of God is always heavily apparent.”
– Sharron Hoogendoorn, Teacher

“Darrell is truly led by the Spirit of the Lord and faithful to speak God’s word over each situation. He lives his faith and operates in God’s principles in his daily walk. He is a great model to those around him of what a Godly man is supposed to look and sound and act like. In addition, he breaks scripture down and gives practical daily applications for God’s principles for use in everyday life. ”
– Richard Hoogendoorn, Teacher