Buddy & Veronica McGlothlin

Bureau, Marriage

Founders of Dove Song Ministries, Buddy and Veronica McGlothlin demonstrate a unique flow in the gifts of the Spirit in their travels across the US and abroad. As they share the life-changing Word and pray for those in attendance at their meetings, healing and deliverance begin to manifest. Visitors are healed of cancer and other documented diseases. Disturbed souls who participate in cutting and other destructive behaviors find freedom. New songs burst forth, drawing men and women deeper into the holy presence of God. But most importantly to Buddy and Veronica, everyone is without question stirred to renew hope and encouraged, “Don’t ever give up!”

Buddy and Veronica are both ordained ministers with the IPHC. As they travel and hold special services, seminars, conferences and revivals, Veronica brings a timely word of hope and healing, exercises her gifts of preaching, singing and prophecy. Buddy exhorts the audience, sharing God’s love, their love and the great peace that comes through knowing you are supported in prayer.

The heart’s desire of this dynamic couple is to uplift the kingdom of God and throw a lifeline to the body of Christ. They do this in part by being “relatable” and transparent, and by working in both the secular arena and in ministry. Buddy serves as the Vice President of Sales of a heavy equipment company; Veronica works in advertising. Together, they lead the successful television ministry program, “One-On-One,” which airs practical teaching and lessons learned from life experiences on CTN via Direct and Dish Networks every Thursday at 8:30 PM EST.

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“Buddy and Veronica are anointed servants with outstanding gifts of ministry and effective impact. I have had the privilege of interviewing them on the TCT network, hosted them several times in our church for a conference, and guest ministry as well as enjoying their fellowship in our home. Without reservation, I highly recommend them!”
– Pastor David A Longobardo, Christ Covenant Church, Greensboro, SC

“Buddy ministers with compassion and confidence out of a strong and humble spirit. His personal testimony delivers a clear message that no one is beyond the life-transforming power of God. I have always found Buddy to be the epitome of a servant leader whose countenance is the same whether he is setting up tables and chairs or standing before a group of men, challenging them with the truth of God’s Word.”
– Pastor John Jordan ,Calvary Assembly of God, Beckley, WV

“Buddy and Veronica’s ministry is outstanding. They present themselves in a professional manner and flow in the anointing of the Holy Spirit in a beautiful way. Their ministry has produced much fruit in our church. They carry an unusual presence of the Lord in them and dynamic things occur when they minister. I unreservedly recommend this couple for ministry.”
– Pastor Hans Hess, Fountain of Life Church, Elizabeth City, NC

“Veronica is a powerful minister who carries with her a deep appreciation for the pentecostal heritage from which she comes. The anointing that flows in her life and through her ministry provides an avenue through which people’s lives are changed as the gifts of the Spirit manifest. Her preaching, singing and altar ministry is marked by her sincere heart to see the broken healed and the bound set free. “
– Pastor John Jordan, Calvary Assembly of God, Beckley, WV