Live Streaming

Our proprietary live stream platform allows you to easily host webinars, share sermons, and include your full audience in every event. You’ll be able to simultaneously with ease on your website and the social platforms of your choice! And you’ll have the ability to include chat boxes in your feed or direct viewers to call your offices during participation times. Additional perks include:

  • Audio can be extracted with the click of a button, giving you the option to create podcasts, teaching materials, music albums and more.
  • Automatic archiving takes the pain away of manually capturing, encoding, and adding your video to your website, and it does it all within minutes of the conclusion of your live event.
  • Detailed analytics will help you identify how many viewers are tuning in and where they are located, empowering you to identify areas in which to host partner events or advertise new resources, upcoming conferences and special events.

Prices start at just $45 per month and are adaptable to fit your needs. If you already have a streaming provider, we guarantee we’ll beat their prices by 20%. Visit for a complete package list.

If you would like more information about this service, contact us today.