Social Media Marketing

Is your organization anti-social? Before you say, “No,” just how active in online social media are you? Take a look at the facts:


  • 300,000 people will join Twitter today, adding to the already 44,000 tweets per minute!
  • Approximately 600,000 people will search for answers on Google today.
  • More than 700,000 people will join Facebook today, further solidifying Facebook’s status as the world’s third largest “nation.”
  • 65 million people will access the world wide web via mobile devices today.
  • Another 1.1 billion hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube today.


Yep, social media has changed the way the world communicates, and if you aren’t part of the trend, you’re knocking on the door of extinction. SMG, through our Social Media Marketing services, can help establish you in the virtual community and ensure that hundreds or thousands are regularly tuning in to your message. You won’t be considered anti-social any more, and your impact in the lives of countless cyberspace members will attest to that!


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