The Bible Memory Man

Bureau, Leadership

“The Bible Memory Man,” Prof. Tom Meyer, has a two-pronged ministry approach.

  1. He dramatically recites any of the 20 different books of the Bible he has memorized as the sermon; it feels like John or Moses is your guest speaker. He also teaches how to memorize Scripture and about the benefits that come from this spiritual discipline.
  2. He presents visual overviews on the Archaeology and Geography of the Holy Land to help the church develop a deeper appreciation for the Bible by understanding the land and culture it was written in.


Tom is the author of many verse-by-verse Bible Commentaries and The Memorization Study Bible, the only Study Bible which specifically facilitates the memorization of Scripture. He is also a spokesman for the Bible Memory App, the most used Bible memory app in the world. Tom attended Shasta Bible College in Redding, CA to earn his B.A. in Bible and Theology then pursued his Biblical Studies abroad. He moved to Jerusalem, Israel for four years, during which he earned two master’s degrees at Jerusalem University. During his 1,000 day stay in the Holy Land and neighboring countries, Meyer had such adventures as speaking the Bible from memory to Prime Minister Shimon Peres, sailing the Nile River, climbing Mount Sinai and the Great Pyramid, sifting the ruins of the Temple Mount and meeting his future wife. Shortly thereafter Meyer began to present complete books of the Bible as a one-man routine, to present the most famous book in the world in a whole new way. Meyer is called a throwback because he recites the Bible from heart like ancient Israelites did thousands of years ago. His unique gifting has made him the feature of numerous American TV, newspaper, and radio interviews such as Fox News, Moody Radio, CBN, The Christian Post, etc. Tom’s ministry is approved by Chuck Norris, Josh McDowell, Ken Ham, World Vision, Jews for Jesus, Answers in Genesis, the Salvation Army, etc. Tom is also an annual guest speaker at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. Besides teaching at Shasta Bible College, Tom speaks the Word of God dramatically from memory, including the entire book of Revelation, every Sunday in a different local church as a full-time ministry. He is married with four children and lives in California.

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“Chuck Norris approved. God bless you and your ministry work.”
Chuck Norris

“I trust Answers in Genesis endorsement will open up opportunities for you.”
Ken Ham

“Keep up the great work of sharing the Living Word from memory with others!”
Wycliffe Ministries

“You have impacted the lives of many young men who have been encouraged by your God given skills and talent”
Teen Challenge