Ted Shuttlesworth

Bureau, Healing, Revival

Evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth ministers the healing power of Jesus Christ throughout the US and several foreign nations in church settings, auditoriums and tent crusades.

During his more than 30 years in ministry, Brother Ted has been given the opportunity to share the saving and deliverance powers of Jesus with millions of people in attendance at his outreaches.

How does he reach so many people? Through inner city miracle crusades held monthly to bring the hurting to Christ and to demonstrate the power of God to this generation, and through missions outreaches including an orphanage in Uganda, the support of a medical clinic in Little Haiti (Miami), and the support of new churches across the US.

In addition to his events and missions work, Brother Ted has an established television ministry that reaches into millions of homes worldwide each week in over 100 nations of the world! As a result of his broadcast and the miracles he shows on air, his office receives thousands of phone calls monthly, allowing him to minister far beyond his physical reach to people in need of a divine touch.

Regularly, Brother Ted ministers with R.W. Schambach, his ordaining pastor, and has preached extended miracle services in some of the largest American churches including Rod Parsley’s, Steve Munsey’s, Mike Purkey’s and Reggie Scarborough’s, to name a few.

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