Products and Branding

Many organizations think their branding should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, after years of the same old, same old, their audience loses interest and the company finds itself in a box. A successful company will be proactive in rebranding and redefining themselves to their changing audience. That’s where we come in. We’re always in touch with the latest trends and although you may not have a clue where you need to go, you can be confident we will make your branding relevant to the world you live in today!


Now everyone knows no one is going to buy a product that looks like a flashback from the ’80’s. Content is beyond important, but let’s not minimize the “first glance” of cover art. If you want a successful product, let SMG give your cover a little TLC.


We can help with the content as well – our transcriptionists, writers, editors and audio/video technicians can translate your message so it flows as smoothly as Heinz 57 ketchup… but a little faster, because we all know how long that takes!

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