Our President

Eric Smith – President of Smith Media Group

Name: Eric Smith
Title: President and Founder
Motto: “Make it happen.”


Little Known Fact: Eric loves sports! He was an All-State Defensive End coming out of high school and was recruited by dozens of colleges. In fact, he played against several people who have enjoyed NFL careers. He once struck out the first round draft pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers four times in a single game! With dozens of recruiters wanting him, why did he lay down his passion for sports? Simply put, he gave his life to Christ and realized that serving God was of more value than human accolades.


Bio: Eric has been in full-time ministry for just under twenty years and has traveled to over 1000 churches. In the last four years, he has facilitated training to over 43,331 pastors, traveled with a long list of prominent ministries and has seen 1.91 million decisions for Christ come out of the crusades he’s planned! He has established strategic alliances and built bridges across every denomination.


Eric has also facilitated live, worldwide TV events, established television studios and call centers, helped ministries birth satellite churches, organized the distribution of multiplied millions of pounds of food and medical supplies and collaborated with organizations such as Teen Challenge to set up drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers worldwide. He’s facilitated live press conferences and interviews through all forms of media outlets, and has promoted book deals and publishing contracts with both national and international publishers for clients on a global platform. His unique partnerships with major networks and corporations alike extend worldwide.


But although these accomplishments are impressive and helpful, the staff at Smith Media Group believe Eric’s greatest qualification is his armor bearer spirit: he is always honored and willing to assist the men and women of God he meets with fulfilling the unique commissions they’ve been given. He’s a blessing to our clients, and he’ll be a blessing to you as well!

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