Kylan Booser

Bureau, Youth

16-year youth veteran Kylan Booser is all about connecting youth with life that’s lived to the fullest. His inspirational messages draw students into a thriving relationship with God. With a style that mixes things up and often hits deep, Pastor Kylan challenges the minds of youth and the depth of their commitment to God. He has recently celebrated 10 years of service as Director of one of the premier youth ministries in America (Only Believe Ministries Christian Center in Botkins, OH).

Watch Pastor Kylan Booser in action as host of his international television show “24/7” on the world-known network JCTV!

If you would like to book Pastor Kylan to: Equip your student to the Upward + Inward + Outward lifestyle: Pastor Kylan will deliver an impacting message to your youth. Whether it’s at a youth service, youth conference or to just your teen leadership, he will have a timely message to meet your needs or Equip your youth leader for maximum impact: Whether helping to launch a youth program or to fine tune an existing one, Pastor Kylan will equip the youth leader to strengthen the base from which your vision is released.

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