Kim Norris

Bureau, Healing, Men, Outreach

With services that act as catalysts for revival, Kim Norris’ ministry is crucial to revitalizing America and, for that matter, the world! A passionate lover of Christ, Kim has conducted healing and miracle crusades throughout the US, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean over the course of the last 30 years. And with the fruit of salvations at every turn, his passion has become plugging new believers into the local churches that host him.

Along with global evangelism, Kim Norris is the Senior Pastor of City Church For All Nations in Bloomington, Indiana. Kim is also founder of The Outpouring School of Ministry, a school designed to teach the biblical principles of Christology and activate participants’ gifts and callings, equipping them for outreach.

Conference speaker, author and teacher, Kim Norris is contagious! Let his messages fill your audience with enthusiasm to see souls saved. Contact us today!

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