Jefferson Nyatuka

Bureau, Marriage

The testimony of Dr. Bishop Jefferson Nyatuka is not one that can be told in a few short paragraphs. Being trained from birth to do something, Bishop Nyatuka has erected churches, orphanages, two Bible colleges and a full nursery and primary school. As Senior Pastor and National Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Church of God in Kenya, he also oversees over 120 churches in the nation of Kenya.

When you consider everything Bishop Nyatuka maintains on a daily basis, it is even more astounding that he still finds time to bring change to Kenya. As a representative of Operation Blessing International, he helps families break the cycle of suffering by distributing food and providing shelter to those in need. He also counsels regularly to introduce abstinence and behavior change to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Bishop Nyatuka is literally on fire to see his countrymen experience the abundant blessings of life in God’s presence. Through countrywide pastoral meetings, conferences and crusades, and supporting students throughout various Kenyan Bible colleges, Bishop Nyatuka is impacting least reached people groups throughout Kenya with the gospel, raising leaders, planting churches, and encouraging all-nation mobilization in humanitarian and spiritual aid.

In addition, Bishop Nyatuka has facilitated crusades in Kenya for Dr. Yonggi Cho, David Wilkerson, Rev. Peter Youngren and Rev. R.W. Schambach. With his help, these men of God have made a lasting deposit in the country he loves.

This walking example of God’s heartbeat can do nothing but stir your congregation to do something right along with him! If you’re seeking to mobilize your church, you need a taste of Bishop Nyatuka’s passion!

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