Hire a Virtual Assistant

  • Office Assistant

    Delegate your note-taking, record-keeping, inventory management, data entry, and other office tasks to your new virtual assistant so that your on-site staff can attend to more hands-on projects.

  • Donor Specialist

    Put your new virtual assistant in charge of cleaning up your donor database and making contact with donors. He or she will share important information about your ministry or nonprofit and encourage regular donation, while showing genuine thanks for their support and praying with them as needed.

  • Database Cleanup

    Member lists, visitor lists, event lists and more! You’re always collecting information and entering it into your organization’s database, but do you use it effectively? Is the info still accurate? Duplicated? Relevant? Your new virtual assistant will sift through the information and provide you with a clean database that you can actually use.

  • Audio/Video Production

    Take your television, radio or podcast program up a notch by allowing your virtual assistant to produce your airings or promotional videos. He or she will design professional open and close segments with music beds, add vital information in the lower thirds of television broadcasts, closed caption as needed, and create special voice over spots for promotion.

  • Website Management

    The look and experience an internet user has on your website can make or break your goals for driving traffic there. Your new virtual assistant can give your website a facelift developing fresh graphics, updating text, and designing a better viewing experience your visitors on an ongoing basis.