Hire a Team

  • Church Planning

    Let us assist you with planning your church or campus. We have assisted numerous ministries with this critical step, and we can help you too. Avoid the problems and pitfalls ministries make. Let SMG make the process simple for you.

  • Church Staffing

    Let us give you guidance on the best practices for populating your church staff. Your staff should be the people that implement what God is calling the church to do. They should be taking the pressures off you as the Senior Pastor so that you can focus on prayer and ministry of the Word to your congregation. It’s important to be surrounded by the right people. We can help make that happen!

  • Capital Campaign

    We will give you ideas and strategies that will help you raise the necessary funds to complete your project. Whether you’re building a new sanctuary, adding to your youth or children’s ministry, or building a new multi-purpose facility, our knowledge will help you reach your goals—and possibly exceed them.

  • Ministry Launch

    Looking to start a church or evangelistic ministry? Are you a Senior Pastor, but you have a strong compelling to “go into all the world and preach the gospel?” Let us develop a roadmap for you. We’ve been to the nations and know how to help you get there!

  • Ministry Expansion

    Are you looking to expand your reach to those impacted on a regular basis by your ministry but don’t know where to start? Let SMG develop a plan that will be specifically designed just for you. We will assist you with expanding your ministry within your church and outside its four walls.

  • Donor Development

    Having trouble developing donors? Donors are the lifeline of any organization. We will show you proven, ethical ways to establish a healthy donor base. Our expert communicators will assist you in sharing your vision in a way that will generate response and build lifelong partner relationships.

  • Video Production

    SMG’s team of professionals is ready to assist you by producing your standard 28:30 television airings or ministry promotional videos. Our production includes professional open and close segments, vital information in the lower thirds, closed captioning, and special spots as deemed necessary.

  • Website Facelift

    The look and experience an internet user has on your website can make or break your goals for driving traffic there. SMG will assist you with a Website Facelift, developing fresh graphics, updating text, and designing a better viewing experience your visitors.

  • Social Media Planning

    Social media has changed the way the world communicates, and if you aren’t taking social media seriously, you’re going the way of the dinosaurs. Through Social Media Planning, we will help you establish your presence in the virtual community, show you the ropes of organic growth, help you create memes and posts that will cultivate engagement, and work with you to create and maintain an effective planning calendar.

  • Audio Production

    SMG’s team of professionals is ready to assist you by producing your podcasts and audio programs. Our production includes professional open and close segments, music beds, and special voice over spots as deemed necessary.

  • Home Groups

    Home Groups are an effective way to grow your ministry. Some people will not set foot in church on the first invite, but they will attend a home group with a casual atmosphere! We will give you a systematic plan on how to effectively launch Home Groups within your church and details on how you can expand them once they gain momentum.

  • Connect Groups

    Let us assist you with launching Connect Groups within your church. This is another effective way to help your church grow. We will give you ideas and proven strategies to get your connect groups launched and growing in a short amount of time.