Church Financing

Church Financing

With community needs greater than ever, the churches and nonprofits meeting these needs must focus their attention on how best to steward their resources and maximize their impact. Each dollar that goes towards monthly loan payments is a dollar directed away from providing needed services in the community. Our focus is to help nonprofits avoid costly debt that keeps organizations from financial freedom.


Beyond the fact that lower interest rates free up much needed cash flow, nonprofits find that they further enrich relationships with their existing donors while cultivating new relationships with others in the community that desire to help the nonprofit.


Through our Church Financing, nonprofits are given the ability to set the interest rate to ensure the loan will be a low-cost solution. Additionally, each investor has the ability to select a lower rate than the maximum rate set by the borrower to further reduce interest expenses. We see this happen in nearly every loan initiative!



Our platform facilitates loans between investors and the nonprofits they support. As a result, nonprofits lower their interest rate while cultivating donor relationships and investors receive a reasonable rate of return in addition to realizing social impact with their investments. It’s a win for both investors and the nonprofit.




Step 1 β€” Assess Savings Potential

We first evaluate your loan need and establish a comprehensive plan to accomplish two key objectives: (1) address the loan need at the lowest possible interest rate, and (2) strengthen donor relations. As part of this process, we will explore our bank relationships to bring assurance of funding.


Step 2 β€” Building Your Listing

Together, your online loan listing is created to provide to potential investors with key information surrounding the investment. The listing outlines who you are, the loan need, how you serve the community, and provides all relevant financial details and necessary due diligence for investors to make an informed investment decision.


Step 3 β€” Secure Funds / Closing

Reach out to the community of relationships around the nonprofit. Once all investors have been secured and funds have been collected, in addition to any bank financing, funds move to escrow and the loan closes. Your nonprofit then begins saving on monthly payments, freeing up more resources to serve your community!


We will partner with you to assess your debt situation and consult on the best approach to reach your financial goals. During the initial phase, you will gather relevant documents as well as draft important messaging, such as the reason for the loan, how the loan will impact the community, and your plan to repay the loan. We then provide strategy on how to begin reaching out to your community to share the investment opportunity with those that support your mission. Our representatives also take lead on addressing questions and helping investors through the process when they wish to participate.



Getting started is easy and there is no obligation. To assess your potential loan savings, contact us today!

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