Amir Khan

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Amir Khan has never been a person who believes in standing idle and waiting for change, but rather in being an agent of change.


Aughtney and Amir Khan have been married since July 28, 1979. They have three children and five grandchildren, all of whom live in the Southern Jersey area.

Khan’s father was a physician who provided an array of medical services to the underserved in the City of Camden for 51 years. Embracing Dr. Khan’s values and work ethic in developing people, Pastor Khan has been successful in creating and developing organizations and environments that foster the best in people.

In addition to Pastor Khan’s family, his life revolves around pastoring, pioneering, government, and entrepreneurialism. His effective use of interpersonal skills, leadership, and innovation have created a history of significant achievement across marketplace boundaries, political parties, and religious affiliations.


Ministers Aughtney and Amir Khan founded Solid Rock Worship Center in 1992 and pastored until 2013. The purpose of the ministry was, “Releasing potential, one person at a time.” Their vision was to produce citizens who influence society and shift culture, and their mission was to firmly establish believers to possess destiny, take mountains, and be world changers. Kingdom principles are a common thread in all that they do. Considering their vision to influence society and shift culture, the following organizations have developed:


Founded by Pastor Khan, New Beginning’s is a NJ non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with a mandate of restoring honor and dignity to the City of Camden’s homeless. With our food truck and motorhome, we offer hot showers, a warm meal and the ability to wash their clothes. We serve as a mobile resource center connecting each individual to specialized services to better assist with their individual needs.
You can learn more by visiting or watching our YouTube video.

For the first time in over 30 years, Pastor Khan was able to bring the Boy Scouts of America back to the City of Camden. Because of the financial challenges that many residents have, Pastor Khan was able to have The Boy Scouts of America waive the fees for registration, enrollment, and trips. He was also able to get permission for the troop to come up with their own uniform created by the Camden Scouts.

Pastor Khan lead over 100 men to stand in front of Camden High School and Woodrow Wilson High School for the first day of school to welcome back students. The young men received a strong handshake while the young ladies received a red rose from the men. They welcomed back the “Kings and Queens” to their school. What a great way to start the school year.

The Nehemiah Group works with both the ex-offender to reduce recidivism and the underserved in the region. We employ a business model we developed called IEEE. IEEE is an acronym which stands for Incarceration, Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship. As a change agent, The Nehemiah Group has been recognized by the Attorney General of New Jersey and praised for the IEEE business model and its execution, saying that it should be reproduced all over New Jersey.
Watch the Attorney General of NJ interview
To learn more, visit The Nehemiah Group –

CHOOZE LIFE – President and Founder
Chooze Life is a non-profit Corporation serving the City of Camden by providing assistance in the areas of Academics, Culture, and Life-Skills to Camden students through a hands-on approach with emphasis on social and emotional support. With the goal of recognizing the greatness of Camden students, Chooze Life works to develop vehicles and pathways that will allow full expression of their extraordinary potential. Our services include a mentoring program, resource list for principals, back-to-school greeting, and academic scholarships.

At the request of the Department of Labor, Pastor Khan was asked to chair the Greater Camden County Renaissance Group. GCCRG was created to stimulate empowerment and provide real-time information to meet the needs of clients and service providers. It is dedicated to job training, job creation, and the employment of the unemployed and underemployed. GCCRG has dozens of service providers networked together to address the needs of the underserved and the struggling population in Camden County.


Pastor Khan’s has had many successful business ventures. A few of those are listed below.

Advance Management Services, specializes in administration and logistics for physicians offering allergy testing. AMS specializes in providing support services to allow the doctors to offer scratch allergy testing in their existing medical practice without the hassle, allowing the physician to concentrate on the patient’s health. It also manages set up, logistics, and administrative support for out-of-office events, such as health fairs and expos.

EXCEL COMMUNICATIONS, Founder and Former President
Excel Communications, founded and led by Pastor Khan, was the nation’s largest cell phone distribution company in the 80’s, with offices in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., NJ, and NY. It became his first multi-million dollar company and later on merged with another telecommunications company. This endeavor was Pastor Khan’s introduction into the tech sector.

NEXTGEN WIRELESS, Founder and President
NextGen Wireless is a reseller and installer of cutting-edge wireless and broadband solutions in the New York/Northern New Jersey tech sector.

KPBA RADIO, Former Owner
KPBA Radio is radio station located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was the first black-owned radio station in the region.

GLORYLAND BOWLING, Owner and Operator
Gloryland Bowling was a 28-lane bowling alley. At the time, it was the only black-owned bowling alley in the nation. The facility also featured a movie theater, weight room, aerobics room, restaurant, and video arcade. Gloryland operated in Willingboro, NJ, until the sale of the Plaza.

Children of Promise Christian School was a private day care and Christian school developing newborns to 6th graders. It operated for 18 years, and students scored an average of 2 to 3 grade levels above their counterparts in the public school system. Even though COP is now closed, its former students continue to excel in academics and life.

CCHTI was founded with the goal of training people — especially the underserved, unemployed, underemployed, homeless and formerly incarcerated populations — in the areas of Hospitality, Hotel Front Office Management, Housekeeping, and Culinary Arts.

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