Alejandro Arias

Bureau, Revival

Alejandro Arias was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1987. At the age of seven he gave his heart to the Lord, following his mother’s conversion. Just months later, their faith would be severely tested with the discovery that Alejandro had a cancerous tumor lodged between his heart and lungs. Convinced that God had a destiny for his life in spite of the circumstances, he began to pray each day, believing God for his healing. When Alejandro was re-examined three months later, the doctors found that the tumor had miraculously disappeared!

Following his supernatural encounter with the power of God, Alejandro received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to develop a passion for passing out tracts and sharing the gospel. A Venezuelan missionary named Orlando Lopez saw the call of God on the young boy’s life and began to mentor him, giving him opportunities to preach to hundreds at evangelistic outreaches in a local park. In 1999, Orlando felt led to take Alejandro with him to Venezuela to preach at evangelistic crusades. Many salvations and healings resulted.

Alejandro then began to preach and travel all over his native Costa Rica, covering almost the entire country with the gospel over the course of two years. At this time, he also began to visit surrounding Latin American countries such as Nicaragua, Guatemala and Colombia.

In 2002, Alejandro sensed the Lord calling him to make the United States his home. AAIM continued to expand after the move with opportunities arising to minister in countries such as Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Spain, Chile, Finland, Italy and others.

While in Lakeland, Florida (2007), Alejandro saw a vision of the map of Australia and was prompted to travel to this island nation for the first time. This would be the first of many trips, one of which the Lord would use to introduce him to his future wife, Rebekah. In 2011, Alejandro and Rebekah were married in Perth, Australia, among their friends and family. They travelled and ministered internationally for six months before returning to Australia to settle in Melbourne, Victoria.

Alejandro and Rebekah are blessed to see the doors that God is opening in the United States, Australia and in previously unvisited nations. This is an exciting season, and they can´t wait to see what God has in store for the future!

Alejandro is currently a credentialed minister with the Australian Christian Churches (formerly Assemblies of God.)

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