Web Design

Web Design

The experience your visitors have on your website will determine the effectiveness of your online ministry and ministry goals. Your church may or may not see more visitors based upon how easy it is for them to discover you on the web and decide if your vision speaks to them. Your ministry may or may not receive requests for speaking engagements, product orders, or online donation based upon their ease of navigation on your site. With SMG’s Web Design Services, we guarantee to give your visitors an experience they will enjoy!

Each website we build is carefully crafted with the end user in mind. We take the time necessary to consider every text, every image, every sample media, every plugin, and every embedded form to ensure a clear progression of discovery and communication of your ministry’s heart and mission.

Web Design Services start at $3,500.

Website Management
All of our websites are crafted with easy content WordPress back ends so that you are able to make adjustments to your website with little to no training. But for those clients who would prefer not to manage their website, we offer Monthly Website Management, starting at $350 per month.

Monthly Website Management includes updates and additions to text, photos, media, podcasts, banners, blogs, and events, as well as regular maintenance and SEO management.

If you would like more information about this service, contact us today.