Mike Kingsley

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Mike Kingsley is the Founder and President of the world Trumpet TV and radio network. He is a Pastor with a strong commitment to his Lord. He is dedicated to reviving others in their relationship with Jesus Christ. He has taken the gospel of the kingdom to many nations over the past 26 years. Having been from the family of second-generation preachers and Ministers, Mike Kingsley has been experienced God’s accompanying presence all over the world, in small towns and in big cities. Hundreds of churches big or small have experienced a real personal revival in their lives. His long years of commitment are a strong indicator of his love for the Almighty.

Mr. Kingsley runs the organization that carries the word of the Gospel to the unsaved 4 billion souls. They take the words of Jesus Christ to the larger mass so that their souls can be revived. They reopen the revival wells and transform the societies. The use of media comes up as a very fruitful means to spread the of Jesus and his words.

About World trumpet TV:

The World trumpet TV and the ministry team are dedicated to produce and provide a high-quality medium that reaches millions of viewers to refresh their lives and renew their hearts with faith. The interdenominational and multi-cultural programs held by the organization are greatly beneficial for the larger mass and they make sure of the same.

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