Church Live Streaming
Made Simple.


We are proud to offer a complete Livestream service that is continually improving.

  • Automatic Archive

    Livestream your service and have it auto-archive for future viewing. Our integrated embed code makes it easy for viewers to see years of archived services in one spot.

  • Watch on Any Device

    From your living room TV to your phone or tablet, our platform works seamlessly on all your devices.

  • Detailed Statistics

    Our intuitive dashboard allows you to see detailed statistics on every service you livestream: the number of viewers, time spent viewing, and number of social shares per service.

  • Audio Extraction

    If you have a podcast and want to extract just the audio from your livestream feed, we have you covered. Using our admin panel you can select an option to extract only the audio.

  • Apple TV and Roku Channel

    Bring your livestream home using our Apple TV and Roku Channel addons. We can build a custom channel with your church's logo. This makes it easy for users to watch your service from home with the family.

  • Assisted Setup

    Our tech team will assist you with getting your livestream setup and ready for deployment. Don’t worry about the nerd talk. Our guys make it simple to understand and easy to implement.


We didn't start SMG Livestream to generate heaps and piles of cashola! Our goal was to provide a reliable affordable Livestream service to CHURCHES. If you have questions about our prices feel free to contact us.

  • Standard

    $ 75
    per Month
    • 250 Concurrent Livestreamers
    • 3 yr Archiving
    • $250 Start Up Cost
    • Free Technical Support
    • Add Ons Available
  • Lite

    $ 45
    per Month
    • 100 Concurrent Livestreamers
    • 1 yr Archiving
    • $250 Start Up Cost
    • Free Technical Support
    • Add Ons Available
  • Professional

    $ 150
    per Month
    • 500 Concurrent Livestreamers
    • 5 yr Archiving
    • $250 Start Up Cost
    • Customized iOS / Android apps
    • Free Technical Support

Add Ons:

  • Standard iOS and Android app – $25 per month
  • Customized iOS and Android app – $60 per month
  • Roku – $20 per month
  • Apple TV – $20 per month
  • Liveshell X – $500 start up cost or $30 per month leasing and can do Facebook Live and record locally.


Works With

We offer a flexible stream source that can accommodate small, medium, and large churches. We also have extensive knowledge with multiple Livestream hardware, software, and setups.

  • YouTube Live
  • vMix
  • Telestream
  • Open Broadcast Software
  • NewTek
  • Matrox
  • Facebook Live
  • Cerevo

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