Troy Freeman

Bureau, Revival

Troy Freeman and his family have traveled as full time evangelists for the last ten years. Through music and the sharing of the Word, churches across North America have seen many powerful results take place, including thousands of healing and doctor-documented miracles. Troy’s message of encouragement and inspiration regularly draws crowds to the altar. He often preaches an evangelistic and revival-based message, however, he is able to adapt to the church’s needs and teach on whatever subject is most needed.

In a time the mainline news media dubbed as “the wost economic times since the Great Depression,” Troy continued to travel full time by faith, unscathed and untouched by this world’s system. God continued to bless him even to the point of increase each year! He was also able to bring significant spiritual and numerical growth to the churches he pastored, including receiving 10% of the total population of the city in church attendance. The Freemans brought growth and maturity to their body and developed many leaders to serve in various needed positions. Through this personal walk, Troy has been empowered to bring financial increase to the churches in which he ministers, as he has been allowed to teach on the subject.

Troy and his wife Ronda strongly believe in honor and in honoring the local pastor. Along with leading revival services, they are also available for leadership teaching in the specefic areas of faith, finances, honor, passion, and praise and worship.

If you would like to see the spiritual climate of your church change, allow Troy to come alongside you and work with you through single day or multi-day meetings. They maintain low expenses by utilizing an RV for travel. Pastors note they are a “low maintenance, high quality” ministry! Contact us for an appointment in destiny.

Visit Troy’s website, to learn more and read about thousands of healings and doctor-documented miracles.

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“With a passion that is instantly realized, Evangelist Troy Freeman conveys the truths of God’s Word in a manner that is both profound and practical. His approach transcends age and culture and his anointing is evidenced with full altars of believers seeking to be transformed and empowered by God’s Spirit.”
– Wallace Phillips, Sr. Pastor/Carpenter’s Shop Church, Founder/President of Barnabas21, Inc.

“This vibrant, spirit-filled family will bless you, and Rhonda can let go with a powerful singing voice that God honors and anoints.” “Troy is a tremendous Bible teacher and evangelist and I know they will do an awesome job for you.”
– Phil Privett, Victory Life Church, VA

“Troy is a real Evangelist. What you have experienced here today, through their ministry, is a real Evangelist and we need them in the Body of Christ.”
– Dr. Charles Young. Triangle’s Worshipping Church, Raleigh, NC