Randy & Sheila Keeler

Bureau, Marriage

Randy Keeler and his wife Sheila are fun, involved, real people that live in the real world. Though they started off their parenting adventure ill-equipped and unprepared, they applied themselves to foster a loving, close family. They raised their children to become healthy self-thinkers that could change the world. Now, they encourage other parents and invite them to parent on purpose, rather than as a default.

Randy and Sheila will inspire you to be real life heroes to your children. Through practical lessons on parenting boys and girls, proper discipline and the like, they will show you how your big picture dreams can become reality. They connect through real talk about their family’s ups and downs, mistakes, drama and those “Norman Rockwell” moments you cherish. You will laugh and cry at their stories while taking notes on easy-to-implement strategies for your own family’s success.

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