Mornay Johnson

Bureau, Outreach, Revival

In 1989, a radical encounter with the Lord left an indelible mark on Mornay Johnson’s life. Since then, he has amassed extensive ministry experience through conducting street outreaches, hospital visitations, prophetic ministry, evangelistic crusades, conferences, Christian television and radio. His ministry operates with the primary goals of equipping believers for the work of the ministry and in the full measure of Christ and transforming secular culture with Kingdom initiatives.

Mornay is a published author and is regularly featured on the Elijah List publication. With an evangelistic heart and keen prophetic gifting, Mornay is able to uniquely reach and see changed the lives of many people.

Mornay Johnson was born in South Africa, and is the founder of MJM (Mornay Johnson Ministries). As a licensed and ordained minister, Mornay’s Biblical education and training includes LOCBI (Life Of Christ Bible Institute), Christian Men’s Network and ENLI (Every Nation Leadership Institute).He is happily married to his beautiful wife Angela. Second to the gifts of salvation and the Holy Spirit, he considers her to be his most precious gift from the Lord.

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“I have never known someone with the depth of spiritual insight, fervor and zeal for the things of the Lord as Mornay has. His life is a testimony of being totally sold out to God; his spiritual sensitivity is vibrant, and his wisdom and dedication puts others on notice to keep the Great Commandment clearly in focus at all times.”
– Rev. Robert Koopman, Evangelical Church Alliance (ECA)

“Mornay is a man of faith that loves Jesus above all else. He’s also a very good preacher, sold out for God and very faithful to the ministries he commits himself to. Mornay has a great sense of humor and young people especially love him”
– Pastor Elisabeth Syre, South Africa & Christian Outreach Centres, Elijah Gate Prophetic Ministries

“Mornay Johnson inspires you to continue going forward when you want to quit. His friendship is personable and his prophetic insight has proven to be square on. Mornay impressed me from our first meeting, but he continues to impress me numerous years later!”
– Dr. Cindy Petkovich – Founder of Freedom For Life Ministries Int’l

“Mornay Johnson has been a blessing beyond measure in my life and ministry for several years! His messages inspire to continue going forward when you want to quit, his friendship personable, and his prophetic insight has proven to be square on. Mornay impressed me from our first meeting but what really matters is how you view that person after you have walked together for a season. Now numerous years later, he and his wife Angelia are not just prophetic ministers, but amazing, faithful, lifetime friends!”
– Dr. Cindy Petkovich Founder and President of Freedom For Life Ministries Int’l Member of International Society of Deliverance Ministers